What Separates A good Photographer From A GREAT One?



Understanding the nuances of light and having the ability to manipulate them to create stunning photographs. Light is the the key difference between dull, boring images and gorgeous, high quality work that perfectly captures and bring to life every detail of the subject – EXposed is the first film that looks at every aspect of how we manipulate that light.

The Journey To Mastering Light: Gavin Seim has been studying what makes light shine since age twelve. Fifteen years later Gavin is still studying and more passionate than ever about crafting it. Inspired by the masters, EXposed is no fictional tale. It’s a journey of light as Gavin travels around the USA with the Super Camper and a sack of gear, hunting light and sharing what makes it tick. Gavin has compiled a decade and a half of learning into what may be the most breathtaking study of light to available today. A workshop that entertains and educates as it explores not only at how to photograph light, but how to truly see it. Once you’re EXposed. There’s no going back.

How It Was Made: EXposed is produced on location as Gavin travels around the United States. Often filmed solo by Gavin, captured live with wireless microphones in the places he was photographing. Sometimes with a team of two, as Nathan operates the cameras or even appears in a few scenes. Every stitch of was recorded by our small team. No stock footage, no crews, no sets. It’s a labor of love to which free updates, refinements and knowledge are added as time passes. EXposed is study of light like no other in existence.

The Guarantee: EXposed comes with Gavin’s Seim’s IRON guarantee – That means if within 45 days of purchase you decide EXposed not useful to you, or you don’t like the results, you can return it for a full refund. Gavin is that confident you’re going to love what you see. He almost never gets return requests. In fact not a single EXposed has been returned out of the hundreds of buyers since launch day.

What’s Covered Inside EXposed:

  • HD downloadable or DVD series featuring 14 informative and power-packed chapters that focus on exploring light and tone in vivid detail
  • The Humble Stop. Core concepts of exposure, shutter speed, ISO & aperture.
  • Using the Zone System – this will forever change how you see and expose images.
  • Visualizing: TRULY seeing the image before you release the shutter.
  • Discovering Dynamic Range and it’s impact on every single photograph you capture.
  • Long Exposure and it’s secrets to hidden light and beauty.
  • Powerful, little known secrets to editing, burning and dodging your photos.
  • The lowdown on metering, light meters and tone placement.
  • The art of seeing and directing light to work your way.
  • The scoop on ratios and lighting tools.
  • Over 4 hours of captivating education that contains a wealth of information on mastering light
  • And much MUCH more!

Who Is Gavin Seim – And Why Is He Qualified For This?

  • With nearly fifteen years of experience behind the lens, Gavin is energetic and passionate and known for cinematic images, refined digital workflow and attention to detail.
  • His work has been featured in venues such as Professional Photographer Magazine, Rick Sammon’s Digital Wedding Secrets, leading imaging podcasts, Venue magazine, The Good Life, the PPA Loan Collection and more.
  • Gavin is a Portraitist, Pictorialist and Writer from Central Washington, where he owns a gallery that focuses on signature wall art. His studies with photographic legends like Ken Whitmire and passion for the works of the masters make is experience singularly unique.
  • He’s passionate about making images as perfect as they can be and he understands how to control tone and quality on a deep level.
  • Gavin has made an art and science of light and it’s subtleties with his award winning images. He focuses on heirloom wall portraits and fine art pictorials of America.
  • He’s also known as the man behind Seim Effects editing tools, host of the Pro Photo Show and Photo Couch podcasts and the man behind f164.com travel journal.
  • Gavin is a tenty eight year old dynamo with a rare vision for Raising The Bar in photography and sharing his ideas and research with other.. You can read Gavin’s full bio here.

A portrait of Gavin and family and their camping lifestyle. Made by the legendary portraitist, Ken Whitmire, Spring 2012.

Gavin’s EXposed Story:

“So road tripping with my family is a passion. Traveling America and looking for it’s most breathtaking views, teaching workshops to pay that gas bill, writing about new discoveries, making environmental portraits. It’s an adventure like no other. For months I get to be with my family, exploring and studying light with no virtually limits on time or destination.

When EXposed was born, we were actually on the road for a three month tour that turned quickly into four. I realized what a great opportunity I had to make the workshop I had been dreaming to do. One that would be easy to digest and that would the amazing things I’ve discovered about light in my travels, experiments, study of classic art, portraits and pictorials of the masters.

Months later the result was EXposed. It came out as far more than imagined, not only in the beauty of the places I discovered, but in the way it conveyed exactly what I wanted Not simply how to make great images. But how light works. How we can see and use light.

With all the fads in photography today, it’s surprising how little we talk about the art and science of light. Making a great photograph is more than just clicking, buying new software, or pushing buttons. It’s something more. It’s light and shadow. It’s exposure and tonal control.

In this digital age we have a lot of distractions. Gadgets, software, fads. But it doesn’t matter if you’re using the latest digital gadgets or vintage film. Truly understanding light at every stage is where it counts. Not rules, so much as how to see and expose light. That’s what we do in EXposed.

If we want breathtaking images, that starts in the camera. With understanding the nuances of exposure, visualization and Zones. It’s about directing the viewers eyes, knowing how to nail post processing and carry that image through. So whether you’re a new photographer or a veteran professional. EXposed is an challenging and entertaining look at how to make light work our way. How to make it sing.” – Gavin Seim

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