2019 Scion Xb for Boxy Car with Unique Design

Are you a person who love something unique, includes for your vehicle? 2019 scion xb might be a perfect choice for your style.
2019 scion xb is perfect for you who are planning to buy a big vehicle that can accommodate you family and some large luggage. It is good to bring your family travelling to spend holiday. Then, you need such a sizeable vehicle if you have big family. This car is designed with boxy style that comes with great space inside, so it can accommodate more capacity. It is redesigned from the previous other model that is smaller and classic. Then, to reach the people’s appeal of boxy car, this model is designed with more functionalities than its predecessor.
This car comes in unique design with the theme of box on wheels. Actually, the predecessor of this car series has been launched in 2002. Then 2019 scion xb release date for its first generation in in 2003, while this car is planning to arrive in the spring 2019. If you love something unique, you can wait this car till it is released. So, you can get a car with unusual exterior design that comes with boxy edge style. This unique design make the car look like a bread van. The long and flat roof, thick waist, high haunches, and wide pillar create a sturdy look combined with the end of blunt front side.
Moreover, when you look its unique exterior design, you will expect more for its interior décor. Nevertheless, the inside look is not as great as the outside look, because it is kind a less fashionable. The straightforward style for its cabin is a little bit boring, but still offers you enough space. It is completed with good features, even though they are placed in mishmash. However, if you want to know more details of the car specifications beside the design, 2019 scion xb reviews really can help you to get some information. So, you can make sure that this car is fit to your need.
It is very important to know the car’s engine performance before you decide to buy it. To create a fuel efficient machine, this car is empowered by 2.4 liter engine with four cylinders system. It can produce up to 158 horsepower. Because of this car is designed in heavy weight, you cannot expect it for fast ride. However, the transmission for this car is available both in automatic or manual. Then, in lower speed this car can reach just 22 for 2019 scion xb mpg.

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