BMW X5 2019 as a Car with Impressive Design

Live style is about something valuable. The BMW X5 2019 is the car which can support your high class style.

BMW X5 2019 is a symbol of luxury and glamour. For those who emphasize beyond everything, this brand new car possesses such criteria. Generally, all of the SUV cars which are available in the market only offered large space. The manufacturer just cares about an affordable car which has a lot of functions as well as features. Well, the SUV that is created from BMW has different attractive aspects. The current life style in the city is about something dazzling, this is the quality that you can get. You can ride this SUV in the city with pride and attract the attention of other drivers and pedestrians.

This BMW X5 2019 Review is about the exterior which is so attractive. The main thing which might attract the attention of every driver and passenger is the color scheme provided by the manufacturer. The current modern car has flashy color. The bright color schemes cover the body of the car, but this SUV is the opposite. In order to show the glamorous appearance of the car, the designer team chooses dark patterns. The jet black is one of the color schemes of the BMW SUV. In fact, such color scheme is able to emphasize the exclusiveness.

The concept of a SUV car is usually a car which can be used for the family interest, but the BMW X5 2019 Changes the paradigm. The feature of this car is very exclusive. You can activate some system by using the voice command. The most useful program which utilizes the voice command is the navigation system. By using this program, the driver does not need to push any button, so the driver will be more focus on the condition of the road. This is the feature which can help you if you are searching an unknown place in high traffic area.

Besides the outstanding design and feature, you can enjoy the powerful engine which is used. This SUV uses the 3.0 L engine with 6-cylinder. By using a 3.0 L as the base engine, it is able to produce 300 hp @ 5800 rpm. Moreover, the power of the torque is about 300ft-lbs @ 1300 rpm. This is a maximum performance which is possessed by this SUV. The great power of this vehicle is easy to be operated because the transmission is 8-speed automatic. Riding this car in a road with high traffic intensity will be something simple with this BMW X5 2019 Specs.

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