2019 Lincoln MKZ Buying Guide

2019 Lincoln MKZ is the brand new car from Lincoln. This car is quite delight option with surprisingly comfortable.
2019 lincoln mkz is the newest product from Lincoln brand. In this new car you can find determined style and many modern features. In the road this car maybe catches your attention by its bodywork as distinctive appearance. Completed with good fuel to miles ratio this car has a character. But some car enthusiasts have opinion that this car will have problem if we compare it with other brand in the same class. This opinion comes from the investigation in the interior quality, the interior space and not user friendly electronic interface. It is hard for a brand that doesn’t have trust from their customers.

In the entry level the Lincoln is not a newcomer. This manufacturer has join the automobile market since 2007 and now brings us the MKZ series. Some 2019 lincoln mkz review said that this car has better taste in originality aspect, since the previous model has too many similarities with the Ford Fusion. You will find attractiveness from new installments such LED headlight, sleek style and streamlined roof. In the new car, the manufacturer give many engine choices based on your needs. They are the 2.0 liter engine with turbocharger, V6 engine for better performance or the hybrid engine.

In the 2019 lincoln mkz interior combined with better suspension can evoke delicate driving experience. This car has quite cabin as the result of adaptive suspension and noise cancellation. Somehow you will find yourself very comfortable in the cabin even you drive along curvy roads. The manufacturer also offers some packages that have different features. Unfortunately when you are very concern about detail, this car may disappoint you. In the interior you will find that the material is not good enough as the appearance, slow respond touch interface and hard to use center console. These points are not good compared with competitors.

While driving this car you will find that this car has good cornering ability. This comfortable driving is a result of the adjustable suspension supported with electrically assisted steering. The manufacturer has successfully upgraded the handling sense. This cornering ability also supported by the standard tires. The standard features will provide you 18 inch of wheels and tires for all season road. By these combination increase the driving experience, you will get quiet riding in the cabin. When you decide to buy this car, it is better to choose the 2.0 liter engine with turbocharger related to the fuel consumption and 2019 lincoln mkz price