Chevrolet Colorado 2019’s Type

You can choose the Chevrolet Colorado 2019’s type that you like. There are Extended Cab and Crew Cab.

Chevrolet Colorado 2019’s superiority is about the additional cargo which can accommodate more stuff. Indeed, this is a truck with large space and a powerful engine. In fact, there are two basic types of this truck. The first type is the Extended Cab and the second type is the Crew Cab. Let’s start with the Extended Cab first. There is Vinyl Tonneau which covers the entire body of this car. Then, the wheels clarify the appearance of this car. The 18’’ wheel is made of aluminum. It is a Sterling Silver type. Moreover, the spare tire is included, so the driver does not need to worry about doing heavy duty.

Here, the first Chevrolet Colorado 2019 Review is about the Colorado series with 2.5 L base engine. Here, the mechanic team installs the 4 cylinder. As the result, this 2.5 L engine can produce great outcome. The horsepower of this Extended Cab is 200 hp @ 6300 rpm and the power of the torque is 191 ft-lbs @ 4400 rpm. You can store anything in the cargo because the power of the engine is capable to do such task. Basically, this Extended Cab is used for heavy duty. That is why the performance of the engine is so important and the cargo is very large.

The second review is about the Crew Cab. This engine specification of this car is almost similar with the Extended Cab. The base engine of the Crew Cab is 2.5 L with 4 cylinders. It is just like the Extended Cab. The engine is able to produce 200 horsepower @ 6300 rpm. Then, the torque is about 191 ft-lbs @ 4400 rpm. It seems like there is no difference at all related to the performance of the engine. However, there is a slight difference here. The Extended Cab is equipped with the manual transmission and the Crew Cab uses automatic transmission. Both of these types have 6-speed transmission. The Chevrolet Colorado 2019 Release Date has been announced and it is available in the market now.

You know, the basic difference between the Extended Cab and Crew Cab is in the design of the Cargo. Generally, it has similar feature, especially the interior. There are cup-holders near the driver’s seat as well as the passenger seat. Both of the cars have 6 speakers which can give high quality sound for everyone. Then, you need to know that 20/27 is the rate of the Chevrolet Colorado 2019 MPG.

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