Infiniti Q80 Inspiration, the inspiration for beauty

Do you need more than functional car?
Beyond its function, Infiniti Q80 inspiration offers the high class vehicle.

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration has just shown in the late 2014 in Paris Motor Show. What did the infiniti show at this time is the futuristic car design. They want to create the future image from the car they built. It breaks the concept of sedan design to be bolder. It can be seen from the exterior design of the car which has incredibly unusual styling design, such as headlights in bird-wings form. Since, they claimed this car is the future car, for this luxury machine, they equipped with the engine that can generate 550 horsepower. The type machine they use is V6. So you can imagine how fast you can drive this luxury vehicle. Moreover, for the fuel consumption it reached 5.5L/100km.

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept is giving the impactful beauty of Q80 inspiration as seen from the its slogan which is feast the senses. As from the body skin, it is clear enough that this is the luxury car with the high quality material processed with high technology which generated the outstanding luxury car ever. What is the remark for this car is futuristic style that breaks the concept of traditional sedan design ever. As said of Infiniti Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa, that from the design perspective, the Q80 Inspiration was the epitome of provocation, a car that broke the mold of traditional premium sedan dimension and body form. That is how the design concept of this car built.

As for the futuristic design, this car is designed into the out of the box sedan traditional body shape which give the future ambiance through the high technologies equipped for the engine, with the luxury exterior and interior of the car, they made it like car fallen from heaven. Talking about Infiniti Q80 Inspiration price, the estimation price comes around $100,000. It is because they made it everything from the high quality to achieve the true beauty in futuristic style.

In addition for the information infiniti Q80 inspiration is what you can see from the inside of the car. They made this car focusing on human centric atmosphere impression. For this car it can accommodate four passengers. As its the matter of luxury in the beauty, they created the interior heavenly detailed, as for the seats is quilted by leather and gorgeous alcantara, in the sculptural sparkling glass roof. All in all, it is all about the luxury style from Infiniti Q80 Inspiration interior.

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