Lincoln MKC 2019, the Nimble Crossover SUV

Lincoln MKC 2019 is reasonable car to buy. With good handling and maneuver ability it is hard to resist.
Lincoln mkc 2019 maybe has no new standard for luxury crossover in small car class. But with the good handling and ability to maneuver this car can be a reasonable choice for the entry level. The MKC has stylish body work, for a glance you will see this car is quite resemble with other car. This car is inspired from the Escape and Q5. At the tail light you will see a sparkle of Q5 and other parts such profiles. The Lincoln puts effort on the winged grille which gives you pleasing view. The manufacturer also has attention to the interior, which resulted sleek and high tech dashboard.
From lincoln mkc 2019 review you will have quick peep that this car has better powerful engine than the Escape. The 2.0 liter turbocharged engine of four cylinder configuration boost 240 horse power along with the torque over 270 pound per feet. When this engine is not satisfied you, you can choose the 2.3 liter of four cylinder engine which provides you 285 horse power and better 305 lb per feet torque. With this engine the MKC is far similar to sporty hatchback than the crossover SUV.
The beautiful body woks mean nothing when the engine is cannot roar. For some people what is under the hood is important as the car rhythm will come from there. This car has 2.0 liter engine with turbocharged four cylinder configuration. This engine can burst power over 240 horse power combined with 270 lb per feet of torque which is enough to make the body dance. The manufacturer provides you front wheel drive and all wheel drive as optional. In lincoln mkc 2019 specs said that this car has six speed transmission to transfer the power from the engine to the wheel drive. Other more powerful engine is turbocharged 2.3 liter of four cylinder engine which produce 285 hp and torque around 305 lb per feet.
Based on the driving impression the 2.0 liter engine is more delicate to choose than the 2.3 liter engine. The 2.3 liter engine has no significant differences than other option. The smaller 2.0 liter engine is more than enough to accompany you in most situations. With the all wheel drive the power from the engine can be delivered simultaneously to get better handling performance. This feature allows you to get the maneuver with precision. All of these features are worth to Lincoln mkc 2019 price.

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