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Lotus F1 2019 makes a new agreement with Mercedes. This will be good for the team.
Lotus f1 2019 agreed with Mercedes to supply engine. This means that Mercedes will supply all lotus engines in F1. To achieve this agreement, lotus has been in talk with Mercedes for a long time. After that agreement, maybe the lotus team in F1 will have some progress in 2019. All people hope that. With that agreement, all lotus team will use engine from Mercedes. That news has been updated by many media online and also print media. Beside that from lotus website also confirmed the same thing. So, people will see in the next F1 after Abu Dhabi in this year.
From the website of lotus f1 team, it can be gotten the information about lotus f1 2019 drivers. Driver of lotus f1 in the next year is Grosjean. Grosjean is 28 years old now and he is from Swiss. He debuted in grand prix in 2009. He is very fantastic because with his ability, he can be in a team in 2012 since now. Beside that he also scored nine podiums. However in this season he just finished in the eight places. This is no better than that. All lotus team will be very wishing he all the best. They want Grosjean to be in a podium again for F1 next series.
As stated above, Lotus F1 2019 engine is from Mercedes. This is caused by between Mercedes and also lotus has new agreement in this year. Lotus will replace McLaren in the next season which is Mercedes customer. CEO of lotus said that with the new agreement with Mercedes, he hoped that the team will be back in the true line. He said that because of 2014 bad campaign for lotus. Lotus very hoped to be in the right line with the helping of Mercedes. They have been through the difficult condition in this year.
There are some changes in this car. This means that lotus 2019 car will be different or there will be some improvements for the car. There is a change in a body work. The installation said that for bodywork there will be some changes and improvement. Pastor Maldonado also said the same argument. He said that 2019 car will have a very good package. He also optimize that they can finish in the first line. In the next year, lotus focuses on body package. That’s way they will fix lotus f1 2019 car.

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